FEATURED TOPIC Moderate to severe plaque psoriasis and relationships

Tips for talking about your condition

Plaque psoriasis patient Alisha Bridges

By: Alisha Bridges

Alisha has been living with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis for most of her life. As a psoriasis blogger and community advocate, she strives every day to help people understand and live with the effects of the condition.

The patient advocates featured in this section share their experiences of living with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Please note that these stories are not meant to represent patient experiences with any specific treatment. They may or may not be taking an Amgen product to manage their moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Talking about plaque psoriasis

Having psoriasis and dating can be a difficult and uneasy task. In the past, telling someone about my condition and not knowing how they would respond has caused serious anxiety within me. But in my experience, most people I have shared my disease with have been extremely accepting, and in most cases, have known someone else who has the disease. The few times I have run across rude and non-understanding people, they have always been the ones who did not hold much value in my life anyway. I have found positive ways to discuss my disease, where both myself and the person I am talking to feel comfortable. Here are some simple things you can do when dating with psoriasis.

Talk About It

This is easier said than done, but it’s something that is imperative for the progress of a relationship. I have always made it a point to discuss my psoriasis, even if I wasn’t 100% comfortable. I wanted to make sure from the very beginning that the person I’m dating is comfortable with my condition, because if they weren’t, there would be no reason to continue the relationship. I’ve used subtle and creative ways to talk about the disease. I’ve also found opportunities to discuss psoriasis during common conversation. In one instance I did the “question game.” The person and I would exchange questions like, “What’s your biggest fear?” or “What has been a difficult time period, and how did you overcome it?” These topics are fun, interesting, and will allow you to get to know someone while they get to know more about you.

Be Comfortable

I am the best me when I am comfortable. My level of comfort is not contingent on what others think it should take to feel good. It has been a long journey, with feeling comfortable enough to show my skin to people, including people I’ve dated in the past. While on dates, what has made me feel most comfortable is honestly being dressed cute, but covered up. Although everyone is not the same and some can bare it all without hesitation, this has not been my story. If you're not comfortable with your skin yet, avoid wearing clothing that would make you uneasy. I'm not suggesting you hide, but I am telling you to do what makes you feel comfortable so you can be the best you on your date.

FEATURED TOPIC Moderate to severe plaque psoriasis and relationships